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M4 1LE

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YPSF (Signpost)

St Andrew's Hall, Brownley Rd



M22 0DW

Tel: 0161 436 5432

Fax: 0161 437 1055


16/17 referral duty line

07961 586 822

9am to 5pm

Monday to Friday


"I loved it there, the staff were so friendly" - Natasha's Story


"I was spending a lot of time at YPSF as I was so unhappy at home. My mum and I weren't getting on so I was given a place in a hostel. I was in there for three years and I watched so many people come and go and get given flats before me. That's why I turned to YPSF. 

I was getting older and wanted my own privacy; I needed my own space. I kept asking for a flat but they wouldn't help. I was getting depressed - it was making me ill.

My support worker took me to YPSF to see if they help. They put me on the House Trained Course which helps you to learn skills to live independently but also helps you move up the housing register. I loved it there, the staff were so friendly. I loved the course and I was meeting new people which meant that when I did have my own place I knew what to expect.

They helped me find my own flat and now I'm in my own place. I'm so grateful to YPSF for supporting and helping me. There's nothing worse than being home alone and just getting more and more depressed. YPSF understand, they ring and ask if I'm okay, or they will come and check on me. They know about depression and they'll ask if I want to talk, I know that someone's keeping an eye on me and I'm so grateful for that. It's a safety net just around the corner. It's there, it's my freedom and independence, and it gives me choices.

They helped me get out there and meet new people. I go to the drop-in twice a week, and they're helping me look for work but sometimes I just go and have a happy day. YPSF knew more about me than anybody else. I'm very private but I feel like I can talk to them because they won't judge me which gives me confidence. 

Now I know that if anything did happen, I know where to go. I know that there's help there and I recommend it to everyone who needs help."

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"I loved it there, the staff were so friendly" - Natasha's Story

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