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"They were very friendly and ready to help" - Sadie's Story


When life at home was increasingly difficult and she was feeling overwhelmed by options and decisions, 18 year old Sadie found YPSF a constant source of support.

Now with ambitions for university and working abroad, Sadie explains how her regular visits to YPSF give her the confidence to succeed.

“I was having some problems at home, my mum and I were clashing which was upsetting me a lot and I just felt I couldn’t be at home any longer. I also felt very confused about what I should do when I left school, I didn’t know whether to get a job, go to college or do an apprenticeship” explains Sadie.

“The first time I went to see YPSF I had moved in with my boyfriend but that wasn’t ideal and wasn’t what I really wanted to do but I didn’t know where else to turn.  I was very distressed and upset and saw a trainee social worker there; she was lovely, she listened and was really supportive and understanding.”

“I didn’t go back there then for a while, things settled down at home and some personal things happened that brought me and my mum closer. However, I was still considering moving out and started doing a tenancy training course that just happened to be run by YPSF. Again, they were very friendly and ready to help and gave me information and advice on looking for housing, house shares, helped me ring landlords and explained what I was entitled to and what my rights were.

“I really felt then, and still do, that although they are available to help any young person in need, if you are prepared to put the effort in and show you appreciate their support you’ll get so much more out of it. They really are there for you. 

“At the moment I’m still at home but I really appreciate the support I can get at any time from YPSF. My situation and feelings are up and down but I know I have somewhere to go instead of sitting in my room and feeling confused. I couldn’t really talk to anyone at school and I find it hard to trust people but I really feel confident about speaking to them. I also tell other young people to go to them if they need advice about anything. I go to see them now when I don’t even have a problem and even my mum now tells my friends with problems to go see them.

“For the last month I’ve been the YPSF representative on the Manchester City Council Youth Council. This means I feed into them about what projects YPSF is doing and at the same time keep YPSF informed of projects the council are running that they might be interested in. For example, we’re currently looking at a youth intergenerational project to get older and younger people to step into each other’s shoes; such as getting old people to go to youth club and young people going to an old people’s home.

“Things are good for me at the moment. I’m doing a variety of apprenticeships, I did one at Volkswagen in customer service, another as a teaching assistant and then now for the council I’m an ‘assistant network support worker’. Long term I’d like to do Camp America and hopefully go to university at some point in the future to study law or psychology. “


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