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"Without YPSF I wouldn't have known where to start" - Katie's Story


When 21 year old mum Katie was introduced to the Young People’s Support Foundation (YPSF) she had already been through a difficult relationship breakdown with her partner.  They had lost a joint tenancy and Katie was forced to sofa-surf, moving between friend’s houses.  Katie’s chaotic housing situation meant her ex-partner had been awarded temporary residence of their daughter as he was able to stay with his family.

“I just wanted to be a good mum and spend quality time with my daughter’, says Katie. “But my situation was making me depressed, and the more depressed I got the less I felt able to do anything about it – it was a vicious circle.

“When a friend told me about YPSF I went into see them and straight away I felt like something was happening. I was given my own support worker who worked with me to make a personal programme to help me get back on my feet and work towards getting contact with my daughter and finding my own home.

"Having someone there to guide me through everything made it all seem possible and I started to believe things could get better.”

As well as helping Katie to find accommodation and offer a stable home for her daughter, YPSF arranged emotional support for Katie and gave her advise on sexual health and contraception.

“It wasn’t just a case of finding me somewhere to live and forgetting about me,” says Katie. “They really worked to make sure I could cope with everything that was happening in my life.”

"For the first time in ages I felt confident about my future. I started to bid for properties on the council’s housing register, and couldn’t believe it when I got offered a flat near to people I knew. As soon as he knew I was settled, my ex was happy to sign over residency of our daughter and although we’re not a couple we’re now bringing her up together.

“I can’t tell you how good life is now, knowing I’ve got my daughter and my new home. Without YPSF I wouldn’t have known where to start.”

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"I loved it there, the staff were so friendly" - Natasha's Story

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