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YPSF Pathway

19 November 2015

What is the Pathway?

The Pathway is the route that young people take from being homeless or at risk of homelessness through to living independently in their own property.


How does the Pathway work?

Young people will present at CCP or Signpost where they will be seen by one of the Homelessness Prevention workers. This service reviews different options for the young people and will try to mediate with family members if possible to ensure that the young person does not become homeless.  If there is no other option then the worker will look to refer the young people into one of the supported accommodations or hostels that are located in the City.


While the young person is in the hostel they are supported by the hostel staff to apply for properties on Manchester Move. For many of the young people they are in Band 5 or Band 3 making it rare that they will be moving out of the hostel particularly quickly.  The young people will be referred to the House Trained Service provided by YPSF, who run the House Trained Course. This course is an Open Awards Level 1 course that gives the young person a community contribution award with Manchester, meaning that the banding can be increased.


Completion of this course will increase the speed that they can move into their own property, and is therefore much desired. Most hostels are aiming to have young people moving out of their own properties within 6 months.


Once the young people are moving into their own property the YPSF Floating Support Service will support them for up to 6 months. This work includes resettlement into the property and ensuring that the young person can live independently.


To see the simplified Pathway click HERE.


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