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Supporting young people towards independent living

Centrepoint YPSF provides a wide range of services to support young people towards an independent life as an adult. Our services range from practical support and advice for those at immediate risk of homelessness, to help with learning how to find employment, cook healthy meals or budget for household bills. Our aim is to help young people to find and maintain a home life that’s safe and secure, with the means to support themselves, live healthily and be free from harm.

We work with young people aged 16-25, although some of our services are available for those aged 14 and 15. (If you’re 14 or 15 and need help, contact us to find out if our services are suitable for you.) It doesn't matter if you’re living with parents or relatives, in council care, sleeping rough, are single or part of a couple or have children. If we can’t provide the help you need, we’ll be able to give you the details of someone who can and may be able to set up an appointment for you. Any young person can ask us for help no matter what their background, race, religion, sexual orientation, history or health status. All our services are free and confidential.


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